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Why Public Affairs Practice Matters More than Ever in Turkey?

May 16, 2022 • Dr. Ceyhun Emre Doğru • Public Affairs

Turkey is going through a transformation. The economic and political changes require businesses to closely monitor and quickly respond to the policy and regulatory changes. The companies that ignore how the public institutions view their business and intend to regulate their sector are at a risk.

The Digital Transformation of a Traditional Industry

May 16, 2022 • Levent Koç • Public Affairs

By conducting an agile transformation in the horticulture sector, Royal FloraHolland creates new opportunities for its growers and customers. It provides valuable lessons for the organizations that seek to reinvent themselves in the digital age while keeping their business stable.

Turkey’s Economic Reforms: What Businesses Should Know

May 16, 2022 • Selen Öztürk • Labor Relations

Turkey aims to focus on improving Public Finance by simplifying tax regulations, employing investor-friendly and predictable strategies, strengthening public debt management and expenditure discipline, and drafting public-private cooperation legislation along with a public economic enterprise reform.