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Navigating Corporate Accountability: The Impact and Implementation of the EU’s Sustainability Directive

Murat Bilgehan Tuztaş • Social Management

The European Union (EU) has embarked on a significant journey towards promoting corporate accountability for social and environmental impacts, leading to the development of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

Why Has Türkiye Changed its position on Sweden’s NATO accession?

Selen Öztürk • Public Affairs

The Turkish veto on Sweden’s NATO bid stirred up debates against the Erdoğan administration and raised questions regarding Türkiye’s commitment to NATO’s open-door policy.

How to Navigate the Challenges and Opportunities EYT?

Levent Koç & Lider Kara • Labor Relations

The enactment of the EYT law caught many companies off guard, despite being a process they had been anticipating. While this process presents both potential problems and opportunities, companies can leverage it to maximize returns on potential improvements by focusing on identifying and mitigating issues that may arise in the medium and long term.

The Green Deal: Impact on the Turkish Agricultural Industry

Márk Horváth • Social Management

The Green Deal will likely have a significant impact on the Turkish agriculture industry, but it also presents opportunities for innovation, cost savings, and increased competitiveness.

The Green Deal: The Impact of the Green Deal on Turkish Textile Companies

Mehmet Cakmak • Social Management

The Green Deal will likely have a significant impact on the Turkish textile industry, but it also presents opportunities for innovation, cost savings, and increased competitiveness.

Navigating the EU CSRD: How Turkish Companies can Balance Compliance and Competitive Advantage

Mehmet Cakmak • Social Management

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a new EU directive that requires certain large companies to disclose information on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Companies with more than 250 employees and an annual turnover of more than €40 million or a balance sheet total of more than €20 million will be required to comply with its reporting requirements.

Why Public Affairs Practice Matters More than Ever in Turkey?

Dr. Ceyhun Emre Doğru • Public Affairs

Turkey is going through a transformation. The economic and political changes require businesses to closely monitor and quickly respond to the policy and regulatory changes. The companies that ignore how the public institutions view their business and intend to regulate their sector are at a risk.

Turkey’s Economic Reforms: What Businesses Should Know

Selen Öztürk • Labor Relations

Turkey aims to focus on improving Public Finance by simplifying tax regulations, employing investor-friendly and predictable strategies, strengthening public debt management and expenditure discipline, and drafting public-private cooperation legislation along with a public economic enterprise reform.

The Digital Transformation of a Traditional Industry

Levent Koç • Public Affairs

By conducting an agile transformation in the horticulture sector, Royal FloraHolland creates new opportunities for its growers and customers. It provides valuable lessons for the organizations that seek to reinvent themselves in the digital age while keeping their business stable.

ESG 2022 Trends: How to Step Ahead

Mehmet Çakmak • Social Management

* This is a part of our ESG article series prepared in partnership with Corpera Consulting and ACE Consultancy.  Over the past few years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have been even more important than expected. ESG factors became a key area of focus for a range of stakeholders and companies. The rise of […]

Who Does Your Company Belong To?

We have to understand where this discussion, which was sparked by the announcement of Business Roundtable, represented by the CEO of 181 international companies, in August, and how it might have consequences. You ask why? Because a new understanding is coming that defends that companies should take advantage of other stakeholders, especially employees and society, as well as […]

Beyond Turkey’s Referendum: What Really Matters

In order to develop good corporate strategies, business leaders should understand the fundamental choices of Turkey rather than being blindfolded by the political noise. Turkish people will vote on April 16 to decide whether President Erdogan should have greater executive powers. The Yes vote has a narrow lead in the polls, but the only thing that can be […]

Making Diplomacy Work for Business and Vice Versa?

Ceyhun Emre Doğru •

However, neither governments nor businesses can do so independently of each other. There is a need for a coherent approach to make sure that both sides work together to generate opportunities and minimize the downside risks. 

Minimum Wage: Destruction or Opportunity?

Levent Koç •

Government’s decision to increase the minimum wage by 30% has fundamentally affected the business environment in Turkey. The stakes are too high for each player. Employees are looking for better financial and working conditions. Managers are struggling to decrease the costs to meet shareholder expectations. Investors want better returns. Labor unions are trying to find a compromise […]

Advocacy vs. Lobbying

Ayşe Doğan • Public Affairs

A common mistake businesses make in their public affairs strategy: assuming that it’s only by directly communicating with a legislator will help them solve their problems. But as lobbying is an attempt, there is no guarantee of success. For this attempt to be successful, companies must present a compelling argument supporting their lobbying goal. This is where advocacy […]

How Can Public Affairs Consultancy Help Your Business?

Ceyhun Emre Doğru • Public Affairs

As the research demonstrates, issues such as over-regulation, policy uncertainty, trade conflicts, geopolitical uncertainty, protectionism and populism significantly affect a company’s business objectives. Therefore, a great deal of senior management’s attention and resources should be dedicated to these matters. 

Environmental Social Governance (ESG): An Introduction

Mehmet Çakmak • Social Management

The reason why a business existed was to make money in the past decades. For those who wanted their investment to pay off and grow, both the good and bad things that happened to the community surrounding their business were not at the forefront. However, time has changed not only for investors but also how […]

Establishing Differences: Public Affairs vs. Public Relations

Selen Öztürk • Public Affairs

However, having such a function does not justify PA and PR’s interchangeable use, which often results in embarrassment and confusion in professional settings. Thus, it is of grave necessity to distinguish these fields from one another and draw some thick lines for the folk in the business world to avoid mix-ups and misconceptions.  

A New Opportunity for Turkey: The Brussels Effect

Ceyhun Emre Doğru • Public Affairs

Brussels has now become a center that sets the rules for the international business world. The EU not only determines which rules private companies will adhere to provide products and services to their citizens, but also becomes a key actor in the global economy by exporting policies and regulations to the countries outside the union, […]

How Environmental Protection Can Be a Rewarding Investment?

Mehmet Çakmak • Social Management

The roots of ESG goes back to 2006 when former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, encouraged large financial institutions to join the ESG Capital Markets Integration Initiative under the United Nations Global Compact.

Public Interest or Local Destruction?

Levent Koç • Labor Relations

The sharp divide between against and for groups and their determined position left almost no room for reconciliation. Are all these projects dangerous or the backlash is unjustified? Or is this divide simply caused by poor social management?

Social Management of the ESG

• Social Management

In our previous article about environmental investment, we talked about why it’s getting important to invest in an environmentally responsible future. It is an area that currently receives a great deal of attention, as concerns about climate change are becoming an ever-growing emergency. Even though there’s a lot more to be done on the environmental part, questions regarding […]

Changing Grassroots Lobbying Environment

Lider Kara •

Lobbyists attempt to influence proposed or existing legislation and policy through various means. Sometimes by directly communicating with a government official who can influence the legislation and other times by mass mobilizing the public around a specific legislative issue, the latter is called grassroots lobbying.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Work

Mehmet Çakmak • Social Management

As the global community emerges from months of strict measures, we all look forward to getting back to normal. Working from a distance has changed our mindset about the future of work at every level of community. Countries, public institutions, and companies will face multiple challenges in preparing for the future of work. A McKinsey […]

Rebuilding Social Dialogue in an era of Change

The crises we have faced over the past few years have resulted in tremendous shifts in the economic, social, and political environment, yet they have become the main drivers of change on a global scale. To tackle the crises, creating new policies urgently and a more holistic approach becomes a necessity.

Turkey Ratifies Paris Agreement

Selen Öztürk •

Following his remarks, the Turkish parliament has ratified the agreement on Wednesday, October 6. Along with its much-anticipated outcomes for the environment, the ratification of the Paris Agreement is expected to create a significant impact on Turkey’s private sector in terms of investment, production, and employment policies and accelerate ESG activities for businesses across the country. 

Government Relations Function

Selen Öztürk • Public Affairs

In today’s highly regulated business environment, the implementation of appropriate government relations strategies has proven to help businesses gain an important competitive advantage in the market. For this reason, most companies allocate time and resources to managing their government relations.

Alman Tedarik Zinciri Yasası

Mihriban Demir & Mehmet Cakmak • Social Management

Almanya’da, ticarette sosyal ve çevresel boyutu gözetecek yasa 1 Ocak’ta yürürlüğe girecek. Türk tedarikçileri de ilgilendiren yasadaki kriterlere uymayanlara yıllık satışlarının yüzde 2’sine varan ceza kesilecek.

6 Steps to Boost Your ESG Performance

Mehmet Çakmak • Social Management

Today, many companies feel the pressure to respond to the growing public interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Those who already invested in this area are quite unsure about how to improve their ESG performance. So, how can you confidently start the sustainability path or improve your ESG score? We have 6 recommendations on how to boost your ESG performance.

What’s on the agenda of COP 27?

Mehmet Çakmak • Social Management

The world’s largest attended climate change conference, COP27, started on 6 November 2022. The agenda of COP27, held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, is clear: Climate justice and loss-harm mechanisms. World leaders are coming together to discuss actions to combat the climate crisis at the 27th United Nations (UN) Climate Summit (COP27).

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive: An Opportunity for Turkish Companies?

Mehmet Çakmak • Social Management

The European Council and Parliament agreed to amend the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) on 10.11.2022. Along with this recent development, new environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements in the European Union are set to fundamentally change the nonfinancial reporting landscape.