Social Management

Understand local dynamics. Build favorable environment to foster success.

The support from local communities and stakeholders is key to ensure a smooth project implementation. Gathering insight into the social dynamics and responding to the expectations and concerns are crucial to build sustainable relations with local stakeholders. Projects aiming to attract international lending (EBRD, World Bank, EIB etc.) must operate in compliance with the international standards, fostering social development. 

We help:

  • Understand the local environment
  • Engage and gather support of stakeholders
  • Develop and implement advocacy campaigns 
  • Help companies to adopt ESG criteria and international social standards into their business practices
  • Create a business-friendly environment in compliance with international standards 

Social Management Service Lead
Levent Koç

  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
  • Social Impact Analysis
  • Social Dispute Resolution
  • Social Auditing & Due Diligence
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Investment Projects Development
  • Reconciliation, Social Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • NGO and Local Stakeholders Relation Management
  • Crisis & Reputation Management