Social Management

Shape the Narrative

The support and cooperation of the communities and stakeholders are essential for a project to be successful. Especially projects looking to attract international lending (EBRD, World Bank, EIB etc.) must comply with international social standards. Companies, Municipalities and Urban Development projects must have a comprehensive insight into social dynamics, expectations and concerns of the communities and stakeholders to develop sound projects to gain the support of the people who will be affected by the initiatives.

To help you achieve your objectives, we create a business-friendly environment in compliance with international standards by building sustainable relations with local stakeholders. Based on our data-driven research methodology, we reach a win-win solution for businesses, public authorities, international lenders, NGO's and communities.

Social Management

For Whom

  • Companies and Public Authorities
  • Energy and Infrastructure Projects
  • Projects funded or receive loans from International Lenders
  • Urban Development, Regeneration, and Transformation Projects
  • Political Campaigns
  • Regulatory Changes

Products & Services

  • Surveys and Research
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Investment Projects
  • City Brand Positioning, Urban Development Project Design and Execution
  • Reconciliation Management
  • Social Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Social Impact Assessment, Social Auditing, Due Diligence and Monitoring
  • Advocacy Campaign Design & Execution
  • Engagement with NGO’s, and Stakeholders
  • Executive Briefings on Political, Social and Economic Environment
  • Participatory Mechanism Development, Design and Execution
  • Strategic Insight & Analysis