Public Affairs in Turkey – Webinar

May 10, 2019

CORPERA Managing Partner Dr. Emre Dogru conducted “Public Affairs in Turkey” webinar on Public Affairs Council (PAC).

Turkey is undergoing profound structural changes, yet it remains a strategic market for European and US companies. How can public affairs teams keep up with the latest developments and engage successfully with key decision-makers?

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a strategic market for European and American companies alike. Recent local elections, along with changes to the political and administrative system had profound implications on the business environment.

The webinar gives insight into the following topics: 

  • Key political and economic issues that shape the Turkish government’s policies
  • Current power structure and decision-making processes
  • Business and public affairs environment
  • How to develop and execute public affairs strategies in Turkey.

The presentation and recording can be viewed from the PAC website.