Labor Relations

Shape the Narrative

Attracting and retaining talent is key to ensure a business competitive advantage. Most companies face challenges in establishing a sustainable and business-friendly relations with their employees of both white and blue-collar. This lack of relationship management creates internal problems such as workplace conflict, talent shortage, decrease in productivity and quality, as well as the possibility of labor and industrial relations crisis. 

As Corpera, we develop customized labor relations strategy by aligning the perceptions and expectations of your workforce with your business goals. Our strategy helps companies establish sustainable and mutually beneficial relations with labor unions and other related stakeholders. We also design a tailor-made employee engagement approach and support you during the execution phases.

Labor Relations

For Whom

  • Companies seeking improved employee engagement, attracting and/or retaining talents and maintaining workplace peace
  • Companies experiencing labor or industrial relations crisis
  • Companies planning to make investment, transformation or divestment
  • Companies in mergers and acquisition process

Products & Services

  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Employee Engagement Campaign Design and Execution
  • Perception and Expectation Analysis
  • Crisis Management
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement Support
  • Industrial Relations Management Support
  • Work Culture and Social Due-Diligence
  • Executive Briefings on Political, Social and Economic Environment
  • Participatory Mechanism Development, Design and Execution
  • Strategic Insight & Analysis