International Trade

Turkey represents one the fastest-growing economies among the OECD countries. Aiming to become a regional export hub between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s current export strategy, by promoting high-tech and value-added exports, aims to make Turkish trade more competitive, efficient and reliable, globally. 


Why CORPERA? corpera_ok

At CORPERA, we believe that monitoring and assessing international trade developments carry vital importance in addressing public affairs matters in Turkey. We prioritize building and maintaining strong relationships with governmental, private, and non-governmental international trade establishments in Turkey and Europe to help our clients achieve their strategic business objectives.  

CORPERA provides the following services on International Trade: 

Preparing market entry strategies for international companies. 

Providing regulatory analysis on foreign trade and investment. 

Monitoring regulatory developments put forth by relevant Turkish public institutions and international trade organizations. 

Conducting economic impact assessment. 

Due diligence and conflict-resolution services. 

International Trade