Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Modern investors and lenders must trust not only the financial robustness of a project, but also its liability. Now more than ever, smart investments need to be sustained – benefiting regional communities and mitigating impacts on local ecosystems.

The business world keeps shifting and its interdependence are speeding up exponentially. These important changes call for new investment approaches that take into serious consideration sustainable finance concepts. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are increasingly playing a significant role in investment decisions and sustainable development during this shift.


Why CORPERA? corpera_ok

Our ESG consultants work with a network of local partners to understand the background and ensure the integrity – and full compliance – of all your projects. CORPERA helps you accurately implement the integrated reporting framework approach developed to fill the gap between the current mainstream reporting approach and investor and lender expectations.


CORPERA provides the following services on ESG: 

Integrated reporting as an important driver for better business management and reporting.

Sustainability reporting for declaration and responsibility to internal and external stakeholders towards sustainable development targets.

ESG baseline assessment and gap analysis to identify opportunities for ESG improvement

Sustainability indices to measure the responsibility of a certain company in social and environmental areas.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)