Crisis Management

From global outbreaks to data breaches, companies are continuously faced with internal and external crisis situations.

Although some of them can be mitigated easily, some may cause detrimental impact if not handled properly. In a volatile and ambiguous world with high uncertainty, companies must promptly identify and respond to risks and crises – as poor crisis management damages the business more than the crisis itself.


Why CORPERA? corpera_ok

CORPERA helps you stay ahead of the curve. We monitor and assess emerging trends across the globe and in Turkey to help our clients prepare against possible crisis and navigate through uncertainty.

CORPERA provides the following services on crises management:

Monitor sector or issue-specific developments that affect your company.

Development and implementation of response action plan.

 Communication plan with public institutions, media and stakeholders, including internal crisis communication plan

● Public affairs and strategic communications support throughout the crisis.

Crisis Management