Public Affairs

Shape the Narrative

Most public affairs projects fail. Because they are based on unreliable contacts, inconsistent activities and lack of business linkage. 

Meet CORPERA’s evidence-based and methodology-driven work. Building on our proprietary policy funnel approach and talent of our consultants, we design and implement the process from public support to policy outcomes. The results support your strategic business priorities, in full compliance with rule of law, ethical principles and anti-bribery regulations.

Public Affairs

For Whom

We help organizations that;

  • Seek in-depth knowledge of market conditions, regulatory risks and political analysis.
  • Obtain incentives during investment or avoid risks during divestment process.
  • Aim to improve public reputation and government relations.
  • Need to manage specific political & regulatory issues.
  • Want to design and executive advocacy campaigns.
  • Aim to engage stakeholders on a specific issue.
  • Aim to set the agenda and build public support on certain topics

Products & Services

  • Advocacy Campaign Design & Execution
  • Engagement with Government Institutions & Stakeholders
  • Executive Briefings on Political, Social and Economic Environment
  • Workshop on Business Strategy and Public Policy
  • Public Policy and Regulatory Monitoring
  • Strategic Insight & Analysis