Political & Economic Risk Advisory

Understanding Turkey’s political and economic environment is a complex endeavor. The policy preferences of the government, interactions among public institutions, diverse social movements and rapidly changing economic indicators determine the risk perception of businesses.

While making business decisions in emerging markets such as Turkey, companies should consider their non-market environment that is composed of political, social and cultural forces. However, having an in-depth understanding of these factors requires going beyond daily headlines and politically-motivated opinion papers.


Why CORPERA? corpera_ok

CORPERA filters the noise and tells you what matters. We apply a constraint-based methodology to analyze and forecast the events. Based on publicly available data and insight, we provide you with actionable intelligence.

CORPERA provides the following services on political & economy risk advisory:

 Regular macro political and economic analyzes to inform your company’s top management in the form of reports and executive briefings.

Assessment of macro policies and stakeholder mapping with a particular emphasis on your industry.

Monitoring the policy-making processes and bespoke regulatory analysis on your business.

Red alerts on unforeseen developments.

Custom research and assessment on specific topics that affect your business environment.

Political & Economic Risk Advisory