Investment & Divestment

Investing in emerging markets such as Turkey comes with great potential as well as underlying risks.

Turkey’s investment environment is shaped by various factors, such as market potential, political and economic conditions and investment incentives provided by the government. Making a business decision to invest or divest requires an accurate understanding of how commercial and non-commercial factors interact.

Companies that consider investing in Turkey should seek opportunities that could emanate from market circumstances and regulatory changes. Companies that consider divesting from Turkey should carefully analyze unforeseen costs and reputational damage. In both cases, it is essential to have an in-depth assessment and a clear roadmap. 


Why CORPERA? corpera_ok

CORPERA constantly analyzes Turkey’s investment environment and inform business executives regarding potential opportunities and risks. Moreover, we get in touch with government and business stakeholders to ensure a smooth and feasible business execution.

CORPERA provides the following services on investment & divestment:

Political, economic and regulatory analysis for your business decision on investment or divestment.

Market intelligence based on competitor positions and stakeholder interests.

Interaction with the government institutions to explore collaboration opportunities and investment incentives.

● Custom research regarding the specific topics to inform your decision.

● Strategic communications support to protect and improve your company’s reputation during investment or divestment processes.

Investment & Divestment