EU Policy & Regulations

Given the nature of the EU-Turkey relations and special trade arrangements in place, companies that conduct business in Turkey should pay close attention to the multifaceted impacts of the EU laws and regulations on their businesses. 

The EU policies and regulations play a critical role when it comes to doing business in Turkey. Being the number one import and export partner and the most prominent source of investment for Turkey, the EU’s regulatory developments reflect upon the Turkish business environment and often set precedents for Turkish decision-makers.  


Why CORPERA? corpera_ok

As a corporate affairs consultancy with offices in Istanbul and Brussels, CORPERA closely monitors the policy debates and regulatory developments in the EU and provides cross-sector insights into complex business issues in Turkey. From digital services tax to the green deal, we identify emerging issues and navigate our clients through uncertainty.

CORPERA offers the following services regarding EU Policy & Regulations: 

Regularly monitoring EU policy and regulations and their impacts on the Turkish business environment. 

Conducting strategic research and analysis regarding the recent regulatory developments in the EU. 

Providing issue and stakeholder management services on regulatory matters.  

Generating sophisticated public content to help build or maintain company reputation on specific matters, such as environment, digitalization or energy, in line with Turkey’s EU vision. 



EU Policy & Regulations