Digital Economy

Policy-makers and regulators across the globe discuss how to best regulate technology to foster innovation and ensure inclusive use of digital tools. 

Rapid advancement in technology and digitalization provides ample opportunities for societies. From e-commerce to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and data privacy, digitalization shapes every aspect of our social and economic life. Yet, digital economy comes with ideas and policies that are open to discussion. However, there is no easy answer. Differences among countries, businesses, academics and international organizations make it hard to come to a solution that is acceptable by all sides.


Why CORPERA? corpera_ok

CORPERA has an in-depth understanding of how technology interacts with politics, economy and society. We closely follow international and national developments to provide advisory to companies that either operate in technology sector or whose business is affected by digital transformation.

CORPERA provides the following services on digital economy:

Monitoring of Turkey’s regulations in the domain of digital economy, with a particular emphasis on e-commerce, data privacy, urban mobility, fintech and innovation.

Benchmark analysis of policies in the OECD, WEF, US and EU, as well as regulatory comparison with Turkey.

Content generation in partnership with academics and key opinion holders.

Strategy development and execution to communicate your messages among public institutions and media.

Public affairs support to legal teams during legal and licensing processes.



Digital Economy